The ‘go to’ company when other duct cleaning companies fail to deliver!


Ductwork Compliance – The ‘go to’ company when other duct cleaning companies fail to deliver!

The specialists in catering ductwork cleaning including:
• Grease Extraction Cleaning
• Air Duct Cleaning
• Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Cleaning
• Ductwork Auditing / monitoring

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How and why am I at risk?

Grease extract systems are one of the biggest fire hazards in a commercial kitchen, in fact the London Fire Brigade estimate 70% of Fires in commercial kitchens originate in faulty ventilation due to fat & grease Build up! There are approximately 6000 fires per year in the UK!

Fire can be caused as simply as a fat fryer catching fire or an electrical fault with the extract fan.

A fire in ductwork spreads rapidly throughout a building due to the perfect environment for fire to spread (Heat, Fuel and Oxygen) and can lead to huge damage to the property.

Worst of all if the duct and fan system has not been cleaned properly you may not have insurance cover as effective ductwork cleaning is an essential warranty in most insurance policies.

What Are Your Obligation?


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Your Obligations

The fire reform act 2005 puts the responsibility of fire safety onto the building owner / occupier. This should start with a fire risk assessment leading to regular cleaning of the entire ductwork at intervals representative of the type and quantity of grease produced.

Buildings insurance for commercial kitchens normally stipulates a regular cleaning schedule and reporting to B&ES TR19 standards (best practice).

In the case of a fire it will be essential that you have the correct reporting and certification to provide to your insurers to prove that the cleaning has been provided to the correct standard.

This should include::
• Grease Extraction Cleaning
• Before and after photographs
• Deposit readings
• Schematic drawings
• Cleaning certificate

Without the above your insurance may be void and the repair bill is paid covered by YOU!

What's the solution?


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The Solution is services from Ductwork Compliance


Cleaning is provided day or night (no additional cost) by directly employed experienced engineers. We deep clean the entire system NOT just the canopies.


Full detailed reports on the clean are provided, backed up in the cloud and available to you whenever you need them


Relax, we’ve got this - just take a look at the clients who use us!

Regular, effective duct cleaning of the ENTIRE system by a professional and transparent contractor, Simple!

Ductwork Compliance Ltd is one of the leading duct cleaning companies in the UK, trusted by over 2000 sites nationwide including household names, national accounts and hundreds of independent clients to protect their premises.

Providing some of the best traceable reporting gathered by digital PDAs and bespoke reporting software we accurately forecast your cleaning intervals and ensure your duct systems are protected 365 days of the year.

Our engineers are highly skilled and supported by an extremely experienced management team to ensure we provide nothing but the best service level to our clients.

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